Monday, 4 April 2011

Two Rivers One Weekend.

Summers here!
I've been holding off the fishing up till now even though the weathers been great all the way through the last two weeks of March. I didn't want to be disappointed by heading out somewhere only to find I had wasted my time.
So, the 1st of April came and as per usual I was of down the Water Of Leith to see if that really good weather we had hurried things up a bit.

One thing I love about the Water Of Leith is you have a good few miles of river, all accessible by bus. If you get tired with one stretch just pop round the corner, jump the next bus and take your pick.

So, I decided to start up by Slateford where I thought would be the best place to find shelter from the wind and maybe even see a rise or two. Not long after I started, the first fish of the season fell, nothing sizable and as it turned out the only one of the day.

Fishing was slow, the river felt like it still had a lot of waking up to do.

Trout No1.

I think more walking than fishing was done, working my way up stream to Currie, stopping where it looked good, I did feel kind of dead though.

Still not put off too much of I went out again on Sunday this time to the North Esk at Roslin Glen to see how that fared.

Roslin Glen Falls

It was quite late by the time I got down there, about 2pm but instantly you could see everything the Water Of Leith was missing only two days before. The Olives were out in force with the trout taking them in decent numbers all around. This didn't last though, within the time it took me to set up the hatch had finished but it was great to see after such a quiet day before.

Don't fish Roslin Glen if you fancy a nice little stroll along the river bank!
Most of the river is only accessible through some acrobatic rock climbing and treacherous wading, its worth it though, what you find is stunning.

It wasn't long till the first one of the day came to the net, not far down from the castle, nothing sizable but that don't matter.

After some more rock climbing I managed to scramble my way back up past the castle to above the falls where the second of the day fell. This time, not a bad size and had already well fattened up after the winter.

Its a shame I only managed a few hours down here. It would have been great to have spent the the whole day properly exploring the glen, not just skiming the surface.

I think I will be spending quite a lot of time down the North Esk this year.

Roslin Castle.


  1. Hi,

    I've just stumbled across your blog and have really enjoyed reading it. I've never fly fished before, normally I free line on small rivers for chub and barble, but having just moved to Scotland I think its time to give it a go. I live in Penicuik and have been for a few walks along the north Esk (the stretch near Penicuik and in Roslin Glen) and thought it might be a good place to start out. Do you know who owns the fishing rights for the North Esk? As i'm a complete novice I'd be very grateful for any advise or pointers you could give to me.



  2. Hello There and thanks,

    The Esk is free all the way from the back of Penicuik to just bellow Whitecraig, where the M.D.A.A take it over. As far as i'm aware there was a group who used to look after the North Esk years ago but is no more. The river management is something i would love to look at in a get involved sence but dont know where to start.

    Hope to see you down there soon.