Monday, 8 November 2010

A Rare Find...

When you are walking through the centre of Edinburgh in November, you would expect to see certain things; perhaps lots of busses, some cars, a fair few people, loose dogs and maybe even the odd chip wrapper....

None of these I would want to pick, take home and eat.

The last thing you would expect to see when walking through Edinburgh is a huge grape vine, laden with grapes growing over a wall on a very busy street!

I found one.

Does It Look Like A Grape Vine?

What About Now?

And Now?

There It Is!

As I was having a sneaky wee pick, there were people dressed in suits hurrying, joggers huffing and police doing, well, what police do going past. I just can't figure out how I am the first one to notice this!


I never meant to arrange the grapes to say the word "Ska". It clearly does though. Call it a Happy Accident!

Rather chuffed!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Mushroom Minefield, The Old Oak Wood.

The more I research wild mushrooms the more I realise this is not something you can do with a couple of books and a bag. Its a complete minefield and I don't want to kill myself or end up on the NHS liver and kidney transplant waiting list. So, I have decided, no eating for me unless I am 150% certain of what I have is safe. Knowledge is the key, identification is all I'm out to do at the moment. From here on in the names I give to the pictures I post may be wrong, any help that anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.

I have also decided to keep the places I visit a secret.

Clouded Agaric

Not recommended, can cause digestive upset so best avoided. Had a very strong sweet smell which was rather off putting anyway.

Ivory Wax Cap

As far as I know, it's edible but cant really find any more information at this point.

Soap-scented Tricholoma

I found lots of these, under trees and amongst the grass. Not recommended, bitter taste and may cause digestive upset.

Wood Blewit

Edible but must be well cooked. This one confused me a little, you wouldn't think you would find a wood blewit growing in the grass. In fact, they are common in both grass and woodland habitats.

Stinking Russula

Not good! Had a rancid smell which makes you take this one no further.


Good if you get them before the spores start to develop.

Shaggy Parasol

Edible and easily identifiable.

Brown Roll-rim

Poisonous, causes sickness.

The Amethyst Deceiver

Edible but tasteless.

Fly Agaric

You don't need a degree to know to stay away from this wee one.

All in, not the most successful trip I have had. Lots of mushrooms but I have hardly stumbled across a forest full of chanterelles or a puffball the size of a football. I believe, its going to take me a good few hours, days, years, finding them firstly and then building up a diary of places to visit every season. Going by the sound of the rain battering on the window at the time of writing this, I've not got much time left this year.