Monday, 8 November 2010

A Rare Find...

When you are walking through the centre of Edinburgh in November, you would expect to see certain things; perhaps lots of busses, some cars, a fair few people, loose dogs and maybe even the odd chip wrapper....

None of these I would want to pick, take home and eat.

The last thing you would expect to see when walking through Edinburgh is a huge grape vine, laden with grapes growing over a wall on a very busy street!

I found one.

Does It Look Like A Grape Vine?

What About Now?

And Now?

There It Is!

As I was having a sneaky wee pick, there were people dressed in suits hurrying, joggers huffing and police doing, well, what police do going past. I just can't figure out how I am the first one to notice this!


I never meant to arrange the grapes to say the word "Ska". It clearly does though. Call it a Happy Accident!

Rather chuffed!


  1. great post and a great find enjoy the blog by the way im planing hitting the water of leith with a 2 wgt next season

  2. Thanks Dave,
    I'd love to try out a 2 wgt, light rods are so much fun with even the smallest of fish.