Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Next Chapter.

Well, I now spend most of my time out of Edinburgh. Cant say its a bad thing when you look out at this though.

I regularly see people fishing all around me now, night and day. Thing is, the thought of sitting out there with a beach caster did not fill me with that much excitment. I like moving about too much, I know I would get bored of sitting on the tip of that harbour in no time.

Just one other thing to try then, get a bigger fly rod!

I am now kitted out with a 10ft, #8 Wychwood Truefly and a bag load of new fly tying materials. I am now looking at all this new gear and thinking, Christ where do I start? I have not fished in the sea since I was a kid and never have I tried fly fishing along the coast. I have been told its not a bad idea but, before I start much research will have to be done.

The weathers terrible down here just now so, no point of giving it a go quite yet.

Bad weather wont last forever though.