Thursday, 10 February 2011

Fly Box 2011

Its been a long time, I said I would go quiet over the winter.
I may be quiet on the whole internet thing but, this doesn't mean the fishing has been completely forgotten about.

Thought i'd stick up a few pictures of the past few months of fly tying which, as you can see, turned into a bit of a nymph obsession.
The next few pictures i've posted, could be better. I have found taking pictures of something so small is not easy on a standard digital camera.

Gold Head Pheasant Tail

Sawyers Killer Bug

Sawyers Pheasant Tail

Gold Ribbed Hares Ear

Woven Nymph

Now on to the drys....

i've just been shown i may not have been using the camera properly, better pictures up soon.


  1. great to see you posting again , loving those ties the sawyer is really sweet

  2. Thanks Dave. Yeah, I've not completely drifted from the Internet world. Got to big up Davie Mcphail and his tutorials on you tube for the pheasant tail and other tips and tricks.