Thursday, 7 April 2011

Mission 22.

Yesterday, I had a few hours to spare so thought I'd pop down my local stretch of the Water Of Leith at Cannonmills. After a short bus journey I got down the river, took one look, about turned and went home. The rain over night had risen the river over a foot and I really couldn't be bothered arguing with that!
So, of home I went and got stuck into a few flies.
I've had a bit of hook fetish the past few weeks, scanning the Internet and tackle shops for all different shapes and sizes ranging from extreme klink-hamers to size 22's.
The next 3 flies were all tied on Varivas curved shank #22.

Some extra fine tippet will definately be called for!
I'd be here all day if i was to post everything i have been tying lately but these will all give you an idea.
These last two are both size 16.


  1. Excellent wee flies. I struggle with smaller than 18's. Been using size 18 flies with split CDC wings made by John Emerson - hugely effective but my own versions don't look as good- though will no doubt work occassionally. Are these patterns you find effetive on the Esk and WoL?

  2. To be honest Kenneth, i really dont dont know how they would fare on the Esk or the WOL. I never really feel the need to use anything smaller than a 16 on both rivers. Those flies were just a challenge i gave my self and those were my first attempts. The best time, i would think, would be late on in the season when you generally find the smaller duns about.

    I'm of down the Esk again today:)

    Have you been down yet?