Sunday, 2 December 2012

Two Years.

 Ok, its been a long time!
Here's two years of fishing!
Finding time to go fishing these days is not easy, I still managed to take a few pictures when i did get out though.

Sea trout 2011
Down the hole in the ground

In the hole in the ground

Size 22

River Moriston Trout.

More sea trouts

April Sea Trout 2012 Very happy man!

^ ^Its not long till you get rather sick of this!!!!^ ^


  1. good to se you back posting again! Love the pics especially the Burnet moths.

  2. a picture says a thousand words good to have you back keep at it grant even if its pictures

  3. Lovely trout, places and flies on blog. Good job.Cheers.

  4. Absolutely brilliant blog Grant!! Love the use of an irn bur bottle for scale! :)