Saturday, 30 October 2010

Mushroom Identification, Shock Horror!

So, my Collins gem pocket guide to identifying mushrooms come through the post the other day. I'm now wondering how i ever thought i could properly identify mushrooms without it. I've got a few books on the subject but, what I've found, is they only list some of the good eating mushrooms and some of the most poisonous. This book lists everything, I'm now kicking my self at what I've past on because i couldn't find any information on what was poking out the grass.

I've got few corrections to make now, and can put names to some of the ones i should have put on the plate and only wonder now how they would have tasted, Damn!

The Miller.

An Excellent eating mushroom with firm flesh and would have apparently tasted like meal.

Clouded Agaric

Definantly not a death cap! Still best avoided though.

Saffron Milk Cap.

Infrequent in Britain. Edible, best blanched before fried.

False Chanterelle

I'm now thinking back to the field mushrooms i found back in august, over a kilo! Tried everything back then to get a positive identification but couldn't be sure.

Oh, if i only had this book then.....

There's always next year i suppose.

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