Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The Water of Leith, from Canonmills to Roseburn.

I've been meaning to get myself down this stretch for a while but, one thing or another has stopped me until now. There's a patch of wild water mint just up from the bridge when you come down the stairs at Cannonmills to join the Water of Leith walkway. Fully in flower, it looked just perfect to pick some for drying.

Wild Water Mint

The fishing was fairly challenging, weather conditions were what i thought were perfect for a decent hatch but it wasn't to be. In fact, this was one of the quietest evenings I've seen down the water of leith, hardly seen a rise and with the exception of a few sedges, hardly seen a fly.

Water of Leith, Looking on to the Colonies

So, i started with a wee hares ear nymph and a orange spider with a silver rib. About an hour later, i was fishing a pool where i knew there was a good head of fish from previous trips. A few casts later and out came the first one, a good size stocky, at least 1lb, on the wee hares ear. What a fight for a stocky! Had a fair job keeping it out all the snags, they tend to give up quicker than the wild ones but, he did not like the look of that net!

1lb Water Of Leith Stocky

After that i fished my way up stream to where the river passes the colonies on way to stockbridge. This is where the second one come to the net, this time on the spider, also a stocky, just a wee bit smaller than the first.

Smaller Water Of Leith Stocky

You would think by this time (about 7.30pm) there would be some kind of rise going down but, nothing. I fished my way up past St Bernards well under the Dean Bridge passed Dean Village, all the way up to Roseburn, nothing!

St Bernards Well

Even though it was quiet i still had a good night.
Was on the bus home by 8.20pm, the dark nights are drawing in!

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